Put a great kitchen at the heart of your home


Just as your favourite food is a treasured part of your everyday life, a great kitchen can really enrich your home. You have your own taste in what you eat, and wouldn’t settle for the same meals everyone else is having, so why would you settle for a standard kitchen from the same catalogue as everyone else?

At KUB3, we pride ourselves on our ability to custom-make your kitchen exactly as you want it.

The technical foundation for all our kitchens is very high – solid hinges, smooth lifters, and silent sliders are standard. The latest innovations like feather-light glide, soft-close mechanisms, and servo-drive electric opening systems make the simple act of opening and closing your drawers, doors and wall cabinets a pleasure.


For materials, you can choose from solid oak, birch ply any hardwood, wood veneer, or specialist hard-wearing MDF, gloss, or matt lacquered boards.

We take our beautiful materials and components and match, measure, cut and combine them to create your perfect kitchen. Light and airy contemporary or rich, traditional classic style? We’re at home with both. Need unobtrusive storage space? No problem. We can create kitchens to fit any size and shape of room.

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