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Choose a superbly put-together kitchen with custom worktops and the latest high-end appliances, in modern or traditional style.

Create your ideal bathroom, home office, bedroom – or any room – completely bespoke. Our advanced computer-controlled machinery can create three-dimensional shapes with perfect accuracy, unlocking new potentials of design.

Sourcing your interior from KUB3 is like having your own manufacturing facility at your command. We don’t have a high street shop, so our costs are kept reasonable.

We can make a staircase, square, spiral, or a special shape, to fit perfectly in your home. We can produce designer furniture that only you will own, because it’s completely unique.

You can specify exactly what you want to the last detail, or take advantage of our professional designers to come up with the perfect solution. The finished product is then installed by our own expert team.

Discover why many of our clients are architects and designers, who once they discover our services, wonder how they ever did without us.

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