We use only high-end appliances that can match the form and functionality of our kitchens. We are authorised Miele and Siemens dealers, so you can benefit from the best appliances incorporated seamlessly into your design.

Whichever appliances you choose from us, you can be sure of stunning good looks and great performance.

Miele Appliances

Miele is regularly voted the best brand of appliances, and it’s not hard to see why, given their uncompromising approach to quality and innovation. Differentiating their essential items are features such as ovens that combine baking and steaming in one, giving you exceptional control and healthier food. Special add-ons include drawers for vacuum-packing food, and made-to-measure extractor hoods.

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Simens Appliances

Siemens have been pursuing excellence in home appliances for 150 years. Their engineering ingenuity shows in features such as washing machines that know how much detergent to add automatically, fridges that regulate their own humidity, and ovens with the most developed self-cleaning technology.

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